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Deep thinking before making BIG decisions

Strategic Projects provide businesses with answers to the big strategic questions which arise from time to time and which, if handled badly, can seriously impact on your company's long term profitability.

These questions require a rigorous decision-making structure and involve areas such as:

Start-ups. Strategically, start-ups are a very special case particularly if they involve new technology. Often entrepreneurs fear the delays caused by strategic analysis will delay them 'going to market' but they also fear being vulnerable to 'the competition', if they just pick the first strategy that comes to mind. We aim to bridge this gap by working with start-ups from 'day-one' and assisting on formulating and crafting a successful business strategy in time for the new product launch. Our work will also provide an answer to the most important question to any new technology start-up: whether to directly compete with the larger players in the industry or whether to collaborate and form alliances with them to benefit from easier routes to distribution access and finance.

Mergers and Acquisitions. Why do mergers and acquisitions start with such hope and promise of additional company value created through synergies and economies of scope yet so often cause disappointment and value destruction? Our 'M&A' engagements attempt to identify the strategies of both companies and advise whether they are compatible with each other and, where they are not, the problems which may be encountered and how these difficulties can be minimised.

Business Model Reinvention. Does your product or service still answer the same problems it was originally designed to solve? Can additional value be captured at different points in the sale? Our exploratory research for your company into these questions will often provide illuminating revelations of future market segments your company should serve and how to profit from them.

Strategic Moves. When a large company with a handful of serious competitors decides to launch a new product, make a significant price reduction or introduce a new feature in its product or service, how will its competitors react? If they start a price-war or begin advertising heavily then the projected benefits of the company's move could wiped out by the competitors' retaliation. Our 'Strategic Moves' projects assiduously analyses, monitors and evaluates your competitors' likely response to your company's strategic moves and further recommends a strategic pathway to minimise competitor counterattacks.

Vertical Integration. Is Vertical Integration a source of Competitor Advantage? Can your company create value by buying-up your major supplier or retailer? Would your company's operations be better served making a component rather than buying it? There are no standard answers to these questions, so our 'Vertical Integration' projects provide a decision-making framework to ensure your company makes a better decision.

Strategic Alliances. Alliances can be a great way for companies to develop new products or enter new (often international) markets which they could not do on their own. However there are dangers and no matter how detailed the legal contract, if both parties to the alliance are on different strategic trajectories it won't be too long before the alliance turns into a disaster. We are pleased to advise on any stage of your Strategic Alliance or Partnership.

International Business Strategy. International trade, if handled correctly, can bring significant returns to a Company. Straightforward exporting increases revenues and also can allow the exporter economies of scale/scope in its home market to increase profits even further. We craft competitive strategies for your international markets, which includes strategically analysing which country or area is most favourable to enter or expand your company's products and services.

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